Nuffield Health urges families and generations to come together to improve their mental health and wellbeing this National Fitness Day

New data released today from Nuffield Health’s Healthier Nation Index has revealed the extent of concern families have about the state of their loved one’s physical and mental health.
  • Almost half of parents admit they are more concerned about their children’s mental (47%) and a similar number about their children’s physical health (43%)
  • People are equally as concerned about their parents, with 37% saying their physical health is a worry and a third (33%) voicing concerns about their parent’s mental health
  • It doesn’t stop there, the survey also showed that people are worried about their partner or spouse’s physical (34% of people) and mental health (32% of people).

Neil Jackson, Fitness and Wellbeing Director at Nuffield Health comments: “The findings of our Healthier Nation Index come as no surprise. Even now that restrictions have eased, we shouldn’t forget how challenging life has been over the last 18 months. Along with so many uncertainties through the pandemic, families have been divided and communities have been forced to stay apart. This has impacted everyone’s health and wellbeing in one way or another. Now that there is more of a sense of normality in everyday life with schools having returned and workplaces opening, it’s easy to slip back into old routines and forget to take time to look after ourselves and one another. It’s crucial that we continue to check in with one another and encourage each other to take steps to feel and stay well.”

That’s why, this National Fitness Day, Nuffield Health – the UK’s largest healthcare charity – have launched a free online health and wellbeing hub, which includes simple ways for people to improve their own and their loved ones' health, fitness and wellbeing. It's packed full of resources, workouts (for mind and body) and expert advice to support families and communities to come together again and give them the tools to feel and stay well together. Nuffield Health are also inviting anyone who’s a member at one of their fitness and wellbeing centres to invite a family member or friend along for a session with them.

Judy Murray OBE, Tennis Coach and Ambassador for the Nuffield Health Healthier Nation Index said:

“National Fitness Day is an opportunity to get out and get active together. Whether that’s walking, running, dancing, cycling, swimming or playing a sport, we can all find something we enjoy doing with people we enjoy being with. The pandemic stifled so much of our social and exercise activities and today represents a chance to celebrate all the physical and mental benefits that fitness and exercise can bring”

The new online health and wellbeing hub contains a broad range of online content that can be accessed by anyone completely free of charge. This includes a library of virtual fitness and wellbeing sessions suitable for all ages and abilities, such as family fitness, mindfulness, HIIT and yoga. The aim is to encourage generations to come together and try a session together. The hub also includes a broad range of advice and blog articles with tips and guidance from Nuffield Health’s team of experts including: how to get better sleep, how to talk to children about mental health, fun ways families can get active together and how to combat stress with exercise.

To check out the free online fitness and wellbeing hub, go to:

Last updated Monday 27 September 2021

First published on Friday 24 September 2021