Nuffield Health consultant provides expert eye care so Suzanne can see her grandchildren clearly

After two years of almost total sight loss from dense cataracts in both eyes, Suzanne Roberts had a nasty fall in February 2022, resulting in permanent damage to her elbow. Following cataract care for one eye from Mr Dan Morris of Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals in late November 2022, Suzanne returned soon in December 2022, for the other eye to be successfully treated.

Expert eye care at Nuffield Health Cardiff & Vale Hospitals has enabled Suzanne to see her three teenage grandchildren clearly again. With her sight deteriorating, Suzanne's sister and daughter were worried about her inability to live independently. 

Sadly, Suzanne had a fall which also left her with a permanent sling from an elbow injury and a detached retina in her eye. When this happened, Suzanne and her family decided to seek an opinion from Nuffield Health and Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mr Dan Morris

 “When I met Mrs Roberts, she was walking with a white stick that her family had bought her after her fall, as her disabling blindness made them so concerned for her welfare,” says Dan. 

“She had to be guided into the consulting room by her sister as she really could not see much at all. After tricky but successful surgery, the next day, she was astonished by the improvement and the family said it was a joy to see. In Christmas week, she returned to have the other cataract removed in readiness for Christmas.”

Suzanne is delighted with her outcome and recommends eye care with Nuffield Health. “Dr Dan and the hospital team were incredible, I thoroughly recommend them,” she says. 

“It’s well worth it, not just for yourself but for your whole family to benefit. I’ve never been more grateful for anything in my life. The next day my incredible sister and I went for a walk in the rain in Roath Park to see the ducks and it was just fabulous!”

Suzanne has worn glasses since the age of 11 and is now adjusting to only needing glasses for reading. “My grandchildren have got their ‘Cool Nanny Sue’ back and I’m able to interact with them again on a normal level,” she says.

“I can enjoy hobbies such as going for walks, sewing, crafting and reading. I can see them and the TV properly too. I am thrilled and so excited. It’s like a mini-miracle,” adds Suzanne.

If you are considering cataract surgery, please contact Mr Dan Morris, a consultant ophthalmologist surgeon at Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals.

Last updated Thursday 25 May 2023

First published on Wednesday 24 May 2023