Leaving work at work checklist

During the COVID-19 pandemic many of us are working remotely which makes it harder to switch off from work. To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme of kindness, we wanted to share seven things you can do to be kind to yourself when leaving work. Use time at the end of the day to review your working day as an opportunity to change gear from work to home.


  • Start by taking time to think about your day – review what went well and any challenges you faced
  • Note one thing that was difficult, review this challenge and let it go
  • Note three things that went well – celebrate the wins from the day and be proud of what you achieved.


  • Reflect on your colleagues – are they OK? If not check on them before you leave or set a time to check tomorrow.
  • Are you OK? Identify any concerns you may have and what you need to do to address them. Who can you ask for help? Ask before you leave or make a note to ask tomorrow.

Relax and refresh

  • Mark that work has finished – for some this is leaving a building. For home workers this may mean shutting your laptop and switching off your work phone or closing the door on your work room.
  • Now shift your focus to home – relax and refresh.

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Last updated Monday 1 June 2020

First published on Monday 1 June 2020