Getting up stairs with crutches

Getting up and down stairs while recovering on crutches can be difficult. This video guide shows you how to get it right.
  • If a handrail is available, use it and put your walking aid in the opposite hand. If you have a second crutch, hold it horizontally in the same hand.
  • To go up stairs, raise your good leg up first and put your weight on it, then raise your operated leg to the same step, followed by the walking aid. Remember this when going up stairs: Good leg, operated leg, crutch, repeat.
  • If going down stairs, move the crutch onto the lower step first, put your weight on the crutch as you move your operated leg onto the step alongside it. Bring your good leg onto the same step. Remember this when going down stairs: Crutch, operated leg, good leg, repeat.

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Last updated Thursday 27 December 2018

First published on Friday 14 October 2016