Getting out of the car with crutches

Getting in and out of the car after hip surgery or injury can be difficult using crutches. This video guide shows you how to get it right.

After surgery or an injury you may have to use crutches to remain mobile. Although you might not be able to drive, you'll still need to travel in vehicles to get where you're going. To safely get in and out of cars use this technique:

  • Choose the front passenger seat as this is generally the most spacious seat
  • If possible, ask another passenger or the driver to open the door for you and have your walking aids at the ready
  • Raise your feet off the floor and use your arms to help shuffle your body around so both feet are pointing sideways out the door. Use lots of small steps
  • As you stand, avoid putting too much weight on your recovering leg and steady yourself using the door frame
  • Take the crutches only once you’ve found your balance
  • Simply reverse this when getting into the vehicle
  • A sliding mat is a useful tool to assist you in twisting your body in and out of the car. Ask your physiotherapist for tips about this manoeuvre.

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Last updated Friday 7 December 2018

First published on Friday 14 October 2016