How a double knee replacement reignited Geoff's passion for skiing in the Alps

67-year-old Geoff and his wife have a passion for skiing and walking in the Alps. However Geoff’s damaged knee cartilage was threatening to put a stop to these activities until he had a partial knee replacement on each side, just nine months apart. Feeling confident, he returned to the slopes just six months later, with next year’s ski trip already planned for March.

The surgery

Geoff’s 65th birthday was spent at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital to have the more severely damaged right knee partially replaced in December 2021. Three days later, he was home with a bandaged knee for three weeks. The second knee was replaced by Mr Navraj Atwal in September 2022, with just an overnight stay, a simple plaster over the wound and within a week, Geoff was up and about getting on with his rehabilitation.

Geoff's speedy recovery

Semi retired engineer Geoff says, “Having the second knee op with Mr Atwal was a piece of cake and I am so pleased I had that done sooner rather than later. I would like to pay tribute to my surgeon Mr Atwal. He was amazing. I was discharged from hospital after just one night, with hardly any pain and no complications. Within a week or so, I was up and about doing most of my normal day to day activities. Mr Atwal’s treatment and the service of the physios were brilliant. The speed in which I recovered, in comparison to the first partial knee replacement, was astounding.”

“I am delighted and couldn’t recommend my surgeon highly enough.”

Geoff's rapid return to skiing

At home in the Frome Valley of the Cotswolds, the Marshalls live with their active young collie. Prior to surgery, over a three year period walking distances had become increasingly difficult for Geoff.

As this coincided with lockdown, Geoff was able to plan his surgery to take advantage of this period and managed to ski right up until the borders closed. For Geoff, his ski holiday is the highlight of his year.

Geoff explains, “Having had the surgery almost as soon as it was required means that I have got my active life back. With my new knees, I can now concentrate on getting fitter and building up my strength, so that the few black runs at the resort will still be a possibility for me! Mr Atwal was pleased to sign me off just recently and was delighted to see the video of my rapid return to skiing. All the staff at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital were just lovely. They have given me back the confidence I need to use my knees to their optimum level.”

“If you need a joint replacement, go for it as soon as you can!”

Consultant orthopaedic knee surgeon Mr Navraj Atwal said “Mr Marshall is so motivated; he was a model patient! I am thrilled that he has recovered so well and followed his rehabilitation diligently to enable a rapid return to his active lifestyle. Our aim is to get people back to what they most enjoy doing”.

Last updated Monday 23 October 2023

First published on Monday 23 October 2023