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With four theatres, HDU (high dependency unit), comfortable en-suite bedrooms and more importantly state-of-the-art physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation facilities, we can cater for your individual needs and work with you to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

We have a number of specialist orthopaedic consultants who are able to help treat conditions involving the musculoskeletal system; bone and joint problems and are skilled in routine procedures as well as specialist treatments.

Once we have made a diagnosis we will discuss treatments with you, which may involve surgical or non-surgical options. Common surgery includes: knee replacement, hip replacement or resurfacing such as hip, knee and ankles, spinal fusion or disc replacement, arthroscopies, carpal tunnel release and anterior cruciate ligament repair (ACL).

Common non-surgical treatment includes, physiotherapy, cortisone injections for tennis elbow and golfers elbow, facet joint injections and epidurals for pain relief.