Cycling vs running: a comparison

Cycling and running are two of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise we can do. But how do they compare to each other

The push pull action of cycling up and down hills, as well as on the flat has our hearts racing in seconds, and provides the added benefit of a public transport-free commute.

Running, engaging our whole bodies with explosive energy, gets our blood pumping, activating all of our muscles and providing a boost of euphoria by releasing endorphins which make us feel happy.

While many choose to engage with both activities – triathletes and duathletes for example – others prefer to choose a side. As with all sports, the choice is very personal to you, considering your needs and interests. But to help you decide, we’ve developed this infographic, which conveniently can be used to play top trumps once you pick your side.

Last updated Friday 8 April 2016

First published on Friday 19 June 2015