7 healthy foods to add to your shopping basket

Knowing what to fill your basket with can be a challenge at the best of times. Our nutritional therapist Louise Jenner-Clarke shares seven nutritious yet flexible foods to help inspire your next food shop.

It’s not as easy to just ‘pop to the shop’ right now, so many of us are having to adapt our shopping habits and rethink what we buy. There’s a need to shop smarter, while still getting all the nutrients we need to stay healthy.

These seven ingredients are nutritious as well as flexible. Many are also long-lasting, which is ideal when we need to go food shopping less frequently.

Healthy ingredients don’t have to be complicated, and buying items that can be used across multiple recipes will help you plan ahead for the week.


Whether you buy it smoked, tinned or a fresh fillet, salmon is rich in valuable vitamin D, which helps to balance your immune system.

Salmon is also one of the best sources of omega 3 essential oils, which supports cardiovascular and mental health.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which is involved in over 300 functions in the body, and plays a vital role in the front line of your immune system.

These nutritional powerhouses are great for sprinkling on salads and soups, as well as a being a filling snack.


Quinoa is a complete protein – it has all the essential amino acids (building blocks) our body needs for protein synthesis.

You can use it as a substitute for rice, eat it hot or cold, plus it has a long shelf life.

Kombucha drinks

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink high in pre-biotics and probiotics, which not only support your immune system, but also aid your digestive system.

Bean sprouts

If you want a variety of nutrients in one food, bean sprouts pack a punch – they’re like nature’s multi-vitamin in vegetable form.

They’re incredibly versatile, so you can use them in stir-fries, soups and salads.


Kale is the most nutritious vegetable in your local supermarket and it’s very often underused.

If you struggle to incorporate this superfood into dishes, why not sprinkle some curry powder over it and dry it in the oven to make some tasty kale crisps?

Tinned sardines in tomato sauce

Sardines are an excellent source of essential omega 3 for inflammation and joint health. The tomato sauce is also one of your five a day – so make sure you opt for this version over the ‘in brine’ option.

Being tinned, they have a long shelf life. They’re also quite versatile – you can eat them on toast as a light lunch or dinner, or sprinkle them on a salad for a healthy meal.

Last updated Friday 29 May 2020

First published on Tuesday 21 April 2020