We have a one stop integrated wellbeing offering for all customers, extending physical locations to give national coverage, creating product innovations in clinical and fitness areas.

We offer excellent gym and pool facilities, free events, relaxation therapy, private doctors, personal trainersphysiotherapistsnutritional therapists and physiologists, along with personalised fitness programmes and health assessments.

Keeping your employees fit and healthy is crucial. As well as managing ill health, a corporate wellbeing programme improves productivity and cuts absenteeism, delivering a competitive advantage. It can also make you an employer of choice.

The charity’s long-term vision is to create a unique not-for-profit health and wellbeing system that challenges the existing NHS and for-profit models.

Private hospitals

We undertake minimally invasive surgery using advanced technology, including laser treatments, ophthalmology, men's and women's health, weight loss surgery, advanced diagnostics, cosmetic and plastic surgerytreatments for bones, muscles and joints, and general surgery.