The origins of Nuffield Health the charity began 60 years ago with a small nursing home in the South East and a focus on providing health and healthcare for the public benefit.

That purpose continues to direct our operations and strategy today. Our activities are focused on improving health and wellbeing across the spectrum from prevention through to cure. We believe we have the greatest social impact by providing significant and measurable health and wellbeing benefits to more people.

We measure our health and wellbeing impact through the clinical interventions we make with individuals. In 2017, we reached 1.4 million people, up by 27% from 2016. In the longer term, we are aiming to grow this figure year-on-year with a target of 2 million by 2020.

All our income is invested back into operating and developing our health and wellbeing services and pioneering new models of care and delivery so that more people can benefit.

Through our Programmes For All, we are working in partnership with the NHS, other healthcare providers, research institutes and charities. Our aim is to increase our knowledge and share our insights so we can improve quality of health and make pioneering services available to a wider population at good value for money.