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Get affordable pay-as-you-go healthcare from Nuffield Health

You don't need health insurance to benefit from the advantages of private healthcare. With pay-as-you-go healthcare from Nuffield Health, you can get the treatment you need, when you need it. 

Pay-as-you-go makes private healthcare far more accessible. A simple, one-off payment covers everything, with no hidden extras. You may also be eligible for interest-free credit (subject to status), so you can spread the cost without paying more.

At Nuffield Health we support you every step of the way with expert, consultant-led treatment and compassionate care. All the continuing follow-up care you need is included in the price you pay, for as long as you need it.**

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Your Nuffield Health Hospital treatment price is fixed and includes everything you need,
so there are no hidden surprises

It's really important when looking at the price of treatment to ensure your quote is fully inclusive of all the care you need, just like ours. Not every provider will give you an all-inclusive price and you may be presented later with unexpected extra charges.

Surgical Treatment PathwayIncluded
in price


All pre-hospital admission tests and assessments required.

Nuffield Health Tick?
Consultant choice and all surgical and follow up consultant fees

Consultant surgical fees and all post operative consultations relating to the original procedure.

Nuffield Health Tick?

The cost of any required prosthesis or implanted material(s).

Nuffield Health Tick?
Overnight stay (as clinically required)

Number of nights required to stay within the hospital as part of the treatment.

Nuffield Health Tick?
Anaesthetic and anaesthetist's fees

Local or general anaesthetic and any anaesthetist fees.

Nuffield Health Tick?
Take home drugs

Prescription drugs related to the original procedure (excluding medications already prescribed for other conditions).

Nuffield Health Tick?
Post operative follow up care consultations (as clinically required)

Post discharge appointments with clinical staff and post operative Consultant consultations relating to the original procedure.

Nuffield Health Tick?
Post operative physiotherapy sessions (as many as clinically required)

Sessions with a physiotherapist as part of your rehabilitation from the original procedure.

Nuffield Health Tick?
Re-admission and treatment if required

Return to theatre/ward due to a complication of the original surgery.

Nuffield Health Tick?

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How do I pay?

Get the Nuffield Treatment

Pay for yourself
You can pay for your own treatment directly. You may choose to apply for a personal medical loan (available subject to status)

Private medical insurance
If you have private medical insurance, we can liaise with your provider

Getting treated on the NHS
Some treatments may be available via referral from the NHS 

Personal Medical Loans

* Not including private patient units at NHS hospitals. Local area defined as within 15 miles of the Nuffield Health hospital. We will match against written quotes only.

**Where possible, we promise to assist you to receive any follow up advice, treatment or care that is clinically required from your Consultant for as long as you may require it. If a prosthesis is used as part of your treatment this is guaranteed for the manufacturer’s official lifetime of that prosthesis. “Clinically required” indicates where further intervention and/or monitoring of a patient’s condition is deemed necessary as a direct result of surgical intervention.