Relax and Restore

Safe, expert beauty therapies for those living with cancer

100% Organic

Using carefully developed techniques and 100% organic products, our Relax & Restore treatments are designed exclusively for those living with cancer using unique touch therapy developed by the Made for Life Foundation

100% Certified

All our therapists have completed an in-depth three-day Cancer Touch Therapy course accredited by the Complementary Medical Association and developed in close association with oncologists, surgeons, Macmillan and cancer specialists.

What's different about this beauty service? 

With cancer patients, care needs to be taken to avoid certain areas of the body, for example where lymph nodes have been removed.  Skin, hair and nails can also be sensitised during cancer treatment.

Relax and Restore treatments use a range a specifically-designed techniques for the face, head, body, hands and feet that are completely safe and comfortable for people going through cancer.

To find out more about the service, read our FAQs.

The benefits of Relax and Restore treatments:

Beauty treatments including massage and facials can leave you feeling revived and refreshed. Clients report a range of benefits including:

  • Stress reduction 
  • Improved sleep patterns  
  • Pain reduction
  • An overall feeling of wellbeing.

*Treatments will vary by location