Bone density scanning (DXA)

A DXA scan can help to diagnose osteoporosis or identify if you are at risk of developing it in the future. It can also be used to detect other bone disorders and conditions, such as osteopenia, brittle bone disease, and osteomalacia.

Breast ultrasound

A breast ultrasound is used to investigate breast lumps or other abnormalities.

CT scan (or CAT scan)

A CT scan is used to produce internal cross-sectional images of the body. The images aid the detection of disease and injury, allowing effective treatment planning.

Endoscopic ultrasound

Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is a highly specialised investigation combining two types of tests - endoscopy and ultrasound.

Mammogram (breast screening) in York

At Nuffield Health York Hospital, our breast care experts can provide you with rapid access to a breast screen (mammogram) though our dedicated breast clinic.

MRI scanning in York

At Nuffield Health York Hospital our leading radiology team provide quick access to MRI scanning and you can even expect to receive the results from your MRI during the same week.

Osteoporosis screen

Osteoporosis literally means “porous bones” and is one of the most common bone diseases in the world.


Ultrasound is a non-invasive scan that uses sound waves to create live images from the inside of the body.


An X-ray machine produces images of the inside of the body. It is effective in assessing bones and other dense structures within the body.