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The way babies develop in the womb causes a natural weakness in the wall of your abdominal (stomach) wall behind your navel (tummy button). Sometimes contents of your abdomen push through this wall, producing a lump called a hernia.

If the hernia appears directly at the navel it is called an umbilical hernia. If the hernia appears in the around your navel it is called a paraumbilical hernia. Your surgeon will be able to tell you what type of hernia you have.

Left untreated a hernia may trap your intestines (bowel) or cut off the blood supply to other areas within your abdomen (called a strangulated hernia).

Umbilical hernias in children

Newborn babies or younger children often have umbilical hernias. As your child grows this hernia usually closes on its own. See your GP for advice on treating your child’s hernia.

Umbilical hernias in adults

Adults usually experience a paraumbilical hernia. These hernias are most common in overweight patients or in women following childbirth. The may appear as a lump with no pain or discomfort but in many cases hernias can be very painful. Unlike hernias in children, adult hernias do not close on their own. Call us today to arrange a consultation about umbilical hernia repair surgery.

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