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What is Arthrosamid®?

Arthrosamid® offers knee osteoarthritis patients a new treatment option. This non-biodegradable hydrogel, injected into the knee, cushions the joint and reduces pain effectively.

What are the benefits of Arthrosamid®?

Arthrosamid® cushions the joint, alleviating pain, reducing stiffness, and enhancing mobility. Proven safe, it provides long-lasting relief, enhancing your quality of life.

Are Arthrosamid® injections right for me?

Arthrosamid® injections are often recommended for people with knee osteoarthritis.

What happens during and after treatment with Arthrosamid®?

Arthrosamid® is an intra-articular injection of polyacrylamide hydrogel (iPAAG) designed to alleviate symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. Upon injection into the joint cavity, it replenishes viscosity in the synovial fluid, enhancing joint lubrication and cushioning. Additionally, Arthrosamid® integrates into the synovium of the inner joint capsule, providing a cushioning effect.

Arthrosamid® becomes a permanent part of the soft synovial tissue in the joint capsule, potentially providing longer-lasting effects. In clinical trials, patients continued to experience benefits beyond 156 weeks.

Before receiving an Arthrosamid® injection, you'll receive a local anesthetic to numb the area around your knee, which might cause slight discomfort. Studies have not reported any serious adverse events associated with Arthrosamid®. The most frequently reported side effects were mild to moderate injection-related pain and joint swelling, typically temporary in nature.

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