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During your initial assessment your physiotherapist will assess your back and neck pain and create a personalised treatment plan. This will include one or more of the following options:


Your physiotherapist may recommend further sessions of physiotherapy which can be held at our hospital or at our Fitness and Wellbeing Centre.

Don’t suffer in pain contact us today. An initial assessment is £72 or via your private medical insurance*.

Clinical Pilates

Following assessment you may be referred for a block of clinical pilates classes, which are held at our Fitness and Wellbeing Centre in Tunbridge Wells. These are led by our specialist physiotherapists and tailored to your individual needs. This makes the classes ideal for rehabilitation post-surgery or injury. The cost of a package of 7 sessions is £70.

Referral for further investigation

If your physiotherapist feels that it is necessary they will refer you to see a consultant for further tests and scans. There is no need for a GP referral and you will be seen at our Tunbridge Wells hospital which will accelerate the process.

We have a range of specialist services where we can investigate your back or neck pain further which include:

  • A full complement of specialist consultants in Neurosurgery, Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Pain management. We're pleased to have a group of specialist Spinal surgeons as part of our team who have valuable experience from their NHS practice at King's College Hospital.
  • A full suite of diagnostic services including MRI, CT and X-ray gives rapid access to a variety of scans. Our back pain diagnostic package including mini initial consultation, MRI scan (one area) and follow up is £865.

*Please check cover with your provider.