Health professionals

All our consultants are highly experienced and are here to listen to you. During your consultation they will answer any questions you have and explain your diagnosis and any treatment or procedure you will need. All our consultants are registered with the appropriate professional organisation for their specialty and hold General Medical Council registration*.

We understand that having medical treatment can be an anxious time. We think it's important that you have the same health professional looking after you throughout your time with us. Your health professional will also continue to look after you when you return home, and during any aftercare.

Last year, 100% of patients said that they had confidence and trust in their consultant.**

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Matron-led care

Our Hospital Matrons are the key clinical leaders in the delivery of exceptional care; care that is more than safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

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Nutritional therapists

Our nutritionists work with you to develop a diet and lifestyle plan, which fits the demands of your life and the needs of your body. Following a healthy eating plan can help prevent illness and promote overall wellbeing. They can help you understand and improve your diet and even help with more serious conditions like diabetes and obesity.

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Private GPs

You can see one of our private GPs at a time that suits you with minimal waiting and plenty of time for your appointment so you don't feel rushed. They can also refer you to hospital consultants if necessary.

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Specialist nurses

Our specialist nurses are professional and highly skilled members of our team. Their role is to take a lead in guiding you and your family through all stages of your treatment co-coordinating investigations, treatment, surgery, discharge and follow up.

Your treatment is personal to you and our specialist nurses are there to give you support, guidance and education so that you can make informed decisions about your treatment.

Our clinical nurse specialists may assist you with breast care, cancer care and cosmetic surgery care.

* Applies to all UK based consultants operating independently. In some circumstances treatment may involve other consultants with specialist qualifications from outside of the UK, such as the USA. In this case the consultant will operate under the supervision of another UK consultant who appears on the UK GMC specialist register.

** Data from Nuffield Health’s Patient Satisfaction Survey which continually collects patient experience throughout the year.  A c.30% response rate is achieved each year. Patient refers to In and Day Patients and covers private and NHS patients. Data is based on patients who gave a top 4 box rating (7-10) on an 11 point scale.