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That’s why we’ve developed our rapid access breast clinic that is accessible to men and women whether you have private medical insurance or just want to pay for this service as a one-off.

Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital, holds rapid access breast care clinics on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings.

To book please call 0116 298 9987. All you need is a referral letter from your GP.

The most common breast symptoms:

  • Any form of breast lump
  • Nipple discharge
  • Nipple inversion
  • Change in breast shape
  • Breast asymmetry or enlargement
  • Lump or swelling in the armpit
  • Skin dimpling/puckering
  • Nipple crusting
  • Skin redness not improving with antibiotics
  • Persistent breast pain.

You should also seek professional advice if you have a family history of breast cancer as regular breast examination is recommended in high risk patients.

Some people worry that their problem is due to cancer of the breast but most patients referred do not have breast cancer. We have developed a unique and caring clinic comprising of the right clinical specialties to get you the answers you need lead by Mr Jaroslaw Krupa, Miss Monika Kaushik and Mr Simon Pilgrim, consultant breast surgeons.

What are the benefits of being seen privately with Nuffield Health?

Whilst we always support the NHS, we understand that waiting times exist due to the sheer volume of people awaiting treatment. It is therefore understandable that sometimes patients want swift answers and diagnosis and we are delighted to be able to help.

How much does this service cost?

The consultation fee is payable and each different test is priced accordingly. Detailed pricing information can be obtained via Customer Services on 0116 298 9987.

What happens during my visit to the rapid access clinic?

You can expect to be with us for up to 2 hours on the day so set aside plenty of time and let people know this that may be coming with you. Refreshments are always available for patients and friends/family completely free of charge.

On arrival, please let main reception know you are here and they will direct you to the clinic. You will be seen initially by Mr Krupa, Miss Kaushik or Mr Pilgrim who will review your medical history and perform a breast examination in the presence of a breast care nurse. Mr Krupa, Miss Kaushik or Mr Pilgrim ;will then request any further tests as appropriate to obtain accurate diagnosis.

How we manage your treatment

Happily, for the majority of patients seen no serious problems are identified and reassurance can be given that no further tests or follow up are necessary.

In a small percentage of cases, further investigation and an operation may be needed to make a definite diagnosis. If this is the case, you will be given all the options about continuing with your treatment privately.

Procedures that may be carried out: mammogram / ultrasound / fine needle aspiration (FNA) / needle or core biopsy.

Miss Monika Kaushik


Specialty General Surgery

Mr Jaroslaw Krupa


Specialty General Surgery