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At Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital, our team of expert consultants have been performing prostate resections for many years. We even have a dedicated prostate clinic.

Why choose Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital for my prostate resection?

Built in 2002, Nuffield Health Leeds is the largest private hospital in Yorkshire. Our advanced hospital offers modern facilities in a clean and safe environment. Care at Nuffield Health is personalised to every patient and you will always see the same consultant throughout your prostate resection treatment.

During your stay, you'll have your own private bedroom with en-suite. We'll accommodate any dietary requirements when preparing you freshly cooked meals. We are located in the city centre, with free parking for you and visitors.

What happens during a prostate resection (TURP)?

  • TURP is usually performed under spinal anaesthetic
  • The procedure takes less than 1 hour
  • Your surgeon in Leeds will insert a resectoscope (a small operating telescope with a light) into your urethra (the tube that carries urine from you bladder to your penis) and remove enough prostate tissue to relieve the pressure on your urethra
  • Water is then flushed into the area to clear any debris
  • Your urethra will be swollen and sore after this procedure so a thin tube called a catheter will be inserted into your urethra to allow urine to drain from your bladder
  • You may experience a burning sensation when you first pass urine.

After your prostate resection surgery at our Leeds Hospital

  • You should be able to go home after 3 - 4 days
  • Most men begin to return to normal activities within a week
  • Do not lift or move anything heavy for at least the first 4 weeks
  • Avoid any strenuous activities such as housework or gardening until released to do so by your surgeon
  • Take over the counter pain relief such as paracetamol if needed
  • You may see some blood in your urine
  • Drink plenty of fluids to help flush out your system
  • You may also feel the need to urinate more often
  • As your bladder and urethra heal this should ease
  • Discuss any return to work with your consultant
  • Most men make a good recovery, with a big improvement in their symptoms.

Specific complications of TURP:

  • Impotence
  • Incontinence
  • Fertility problems
  • Retaining urine
  • Prostate enlargement
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