At Highgate Hospital, we are committed to providing exceptional healthcare. From the moment you contact us through to the consultations, procedures and aftercare we provide, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality, patient-centred service.

Your feedback is an important way of helping us to achieve the high standards we set ourselves.

If you feel your hospital visit was a positive experience, we would be delighted to hear from you. However, in the unlikely event you are unhappy with either the quality of care provided or our facilities, we want to know about that too so we can investigate the situation and put things right.

It will only take a few minutes to leave a review. You can view our feedback and leave your own views on the following websites:

If you want to share your positive experience at Highgate Hospital or have any suggestions as to how we could do things better to improve our patients’ experiences, please email us at

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Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Patient Reported Outcome Measures, sometimes called ‘PROMs’, are questionnaires that ask patients about their health before and after an operation. They help to measure the results or outcome of the operation from the patient’s point of view.

All patients who are undergoing the following procedures are being invited to complete these PROM’s questionnaires:

  • Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Carpal Tunnel Surgery
  • Cataract Surgery
  • A Range of Cosmetic Procedures

The purpose of the questionnaire is to collect information about the quality of healthcare services. The information collected will be used to produce statistics about the quality of healthcare services offered by different healthcare providers. These statistics will be used to measure and improve the quality of healthcare services.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, but it is not compulsory. But if you do not wish to take part, do not complete the questionnaire. Thank you.