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We absolutely consider you to be our personal guest while you are with us, however long that might be. With this in mind, our dedicated, highly trained staff always provide care on an individual basis.

This ‘guest’ philosophy, prevalent over the whole of Nuffield Heath, underlines our overall aim of creating a calming environment that encourages speedy recovery and patient wellbeing. All our private rooms have en suite facilities that provide premium comfort and privacy during your stay.

Why choose Nuffield Health Haywards Heath Hospital for your endoscopic treatment?

Endoscopic procedures are performed as day cases, so you won't need to stay overnight. In certain cases, these procedures can be as little as an hour or two: it all depends on your recovery and whether you choose to have sedation.

Nuffield Health Haywards Heath Hospital’s Endoscopy Service comprises a team of expert consultants who perform a wide range of camera-led procedures to investigate, diagnose and therapeutically treat conditions. Your dedicated consultant will be with you throughout your treatment journey, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Most procedures are carried out under sedation or local anaesthetic. Your consultant will discuss the options with you, as well as highlight all pre-operation instructions to follow, at your outpatients' appointment.

Our procedures

Typical endoscopic procedures at Nuffield Health Haywards Heath Hospital include:

How to arrange your procedure

Obtain a referral from your GP, fill out the form below to begin the process and then a consultant of your choice will make arrangements for your procedure in endoscopy.