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Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital provide state-of-the-art computer assisted mole mapping and digital photo-dermoscopy surveillance service for a fast and effective diagnosis.

Who needs their moles mapped?

Most of us have moles and some people have quite a lot and it can be difficult to know whether a mole has changed or whether a mark on your skin is new. This is a particular problem for areas of the body that are hard to see, like your back.

At our Glasgow Hospital we proudly provide a modern computer assisted mole mapping and digital photo-dermoscopy surveillance service. This is particularly useful for people who have an increased risk of the development of malignant melanoma.

People who have an increased risk of the development of skin cancer. This includes people with:

  • A large number of moles
  • Moles that have an unusual appearance (atypical moles)
  • A family history of skin cancer
  • A personal history of skin cancer
  • Pale skin that easily burns in the sun
  • Episodes of previous severe sun burn
  • Exposure to significant amounts of sunlight like working or living abroad or outdoor work
  • A suppressed immune system

What will happen during my mole mapping screening in Glasgow

  • One of our specialist nurses will record your medical history to identify any risk factors for skin cancer
  • Standardised whole body digital photographs are taken and stored on our secure computer
  • Your skin is examined by a dermatologist to identify any suspicious lesions
  • Unusual appearing but harmless moles are photographed using a close-up technique called digital photo-dermoscopy
  • You will immediately be advised if any of your moles have the features of melanoma
  • We will usually offer to remove these same day
  • In most cases, no melanoma will be found
  • Under these circumstances, we will usually offer to repeat the screening in 6 to 12 months, or sooner if you notice any changes in the meantime
  • At these follow-up screenings, your previously stored photographs are used as a baseline to detect any new or changing lesions that have developed.

What are the advantages of being screened?

  • Malignant melanoma can be detected at an early stage, when treatment is most effective
  • Your skin will be examined for malignant melanoma by a specialist consultant dermatologist
  • One-stop screening and same day surgical removal is offered for those with malignant melanoma
  • Your whole body photographs and digital photo-dermoscopy images are retained for future comparisons
  • Unnecessary removal of harmless moles can be prevented.
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