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If you have a busy schedule, a private GP is the perfect way to make sure your health doesn’t get sidelined.

GP Appointments:

  • £85 for an initial appointment (20 minutes), £65 for a follow-up (10 minutes), double appointments are £140 (40 minutes)
  • Appointments available every Tuesday and Thursday 
    • Dr Sarah Morgan, Bay Hospital - Tuesday evening, Thursday morning
    • Dr Vijay Anand, Vale Hospital - Tuesday morning, Thursday evening
  • Available to anybody over the age of 16 (chaperones are available)
  • No need to be registered with an NHS GP

Appointments are available on a Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings at the Cardiff Bay Hospital. All appointments last 20 minutes, but you won't be rushed and can opt to arrange a double appointment of 40 minutes should you feel necessary. Our GP, Dr Sarah Morgan, will take the time to discuss your symptoms in detail. If you require specialist support, you can be referred quickly thanks to our extensive network of experienced consultants available at our hospital. Please note, cancellations must be made at least 3 hours before your appointment time. If you do not attend your appointment you will be invoiced the full appointment fee.

You can pay for yourself or some health insurance policies may cover consultation fees and investigations (please check with your insurer first). Any medicines required will be prescribed on a private prescription redeemable at any pharmacy (you will need to pay for the cost of drugs). One of the advantages of being based within the hospital is that we can usually arrange for investigations such as blood tests, x-rays and scans to be done at the time of consultation, or the following day.

Services and treatments offered

  • Minor illness treatment
  • Private prescriptions
  • Smear tests
  • Well woman checks
  • Contraceptive Coils and implant service
  • Prostate screening
  • Diagnostic tests (including ultrasound, mammograms, CT and MRI scanning)
  • Electrocardiograph
  • Blood tests
  • Referrals to private consultants and specialists
  • HGV medicals
  • Sports Medicine Certificate – please make enquiries beforehand by sending us the required certificate and we will do our best to complete
  • General stress and anxiety management

Services we do not provide

  • Emergency or out of hours care – please call the NHS 111 or 999
  • Minor surgery
  • GP home visiting service
  • Issue of Sick certificates
  • Chronic condition monitoring and repeat medications, this is best done with your regular NHS GP Practice
  • Consultations for those under the age of 16
  • Consultations relating to pregnancy problems
  • Vaccinations

Please give us a call and speak to a friendly member of the team who can help you book an appointment.