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Are you iron deficient or worried that you might be?

Come along to The Cambridge Iron Clinic at Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital to find out how we can help.

At Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital, leading specialist Dr Andrew Klein utilises the very latest medical facilities and diagnostic equipment to ensure you receive first-class care. 

Signs you might be Iron deficient or anaemic:

  • Fatigue, tiredness, mind fog (feeling constantly in a daze)
  • Headache 
  • Irritability 
  • Looking pale
  • Shortness of breath and maybe a racing heart
  • Sore tongue or dry mouth
  • Cracks and ulcers in your mouth
  • Cold intolerance or cold hands and feet
  • Craving to eat non-food items (such as ice)
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle or spoon-shaped nails
  • Headache
  • Increased susceptibility to infections
  • Dizziness, irritability and loss of concentration
  • Bruising

There are several options for the treatment of iron deficiency including diet and tablets. However, many patients can’t tolerate oral iron supplements and suffer side-effects such as bloating, abdominal pain or cramps and constipation. Many patients have taken oral iron supplements for a long time without it working, and may have had enough of taking them or simply found them ineffective.

The Cambridge Iron Clinic specialises in the provision of intravenous iron infusions, and one infusion can give a year’s worth of dietary iron, with noticeable beneficial effects in most patients. Our highly trained staff are experts in giving intravenous iron infusions, providing the necessary medical treatment in private comfortable surroundings.

Worldwide, intravenous iron is common practice with over 30,000 injections every month in Australia, for example. It is very effective in women’s health to rapidly correct iron deficiency and anaemia with proven benefits include, vitality, increase quality of life, benefit hair growth, and also improve exercise ability. Intravenous iron is also beneficial in many illnesses associated with iron deficiency and anaemia, such as; heart disease, cancer therapy and patients undergoing operations.

Before consultation, you will need a series of blood tests to check your level of anaemia and what is causing it. This is available at Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital.

Once you have your blood test results you can bring this along for consultation with Dr Andrew Klein who will determine treatment. If you need intravenous iron treatment, a dose of up to 1600mg of intravenous iron will be given, as an infusion over 15-30 minutes in a safe, monitored and comfortable environment.

Iron studies blood tests: £150 
Treatment including initial consultation £830
Intravenous iron infusion (including consultation) £920
Intravenous iron infusion (including consultation) PLUS B12 injection (including teaching to self-inject) £995
In person consultation + B12 injection (including teaching to self-inject) £300
In-person consultation only £200
Video consultation £200
Video follow-up consultation £150

About Dr Andrew Klein, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Andrew Klein is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital and Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. He has a long interest in anaemia management and was one of the first clinicians to highlight the problems of anaemia in patients undergoing surgery. He has set up one of the first pre-operative pathways for intravenous iron therapy in heart surgery.

He has published a number of significant papers on anaemia management, iron deficiency and iron therapies. He has lead ground breaking work into the diagnosis of iron deficiency in patients with anaemia highlighting the need for intravenous iron therapy. He leads international research into intravenous iron therapy in patients undergoing surgery

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