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Nuffield Health is the UK's largest not-for -profit health and wellbeing provider. We provide medical, wellbeing and fitness services to consumers, private hospital patients and employers. We not only diagnose and treat illness, but aim to prevent people falling ill in the first place by helping them live healthier lifestyles.

Quality and service

Our turnaround times for tests can be tailored to meet customer requirements and our pathology services are always supported with the appropriate clinical advice.

We operate with a Quality Improvement Strategy which ensures pre and post analytical pathology procedures and all aspects of the services are subject to routine audit within Nuffield Health.

Nuffield Health closely monitors performance, quality and the service delivered using a suite of monthly Key Performance Indicators. Each catergory of KPI comprises a number of individual measures, which enables pathology to maintain high standards.

Example are as follows:

  • Audit of turnaround for key laboratory investigations
  • Incident reporting, management and follow up actions
  • Staff compliance with mandatory training requirements
  • Infection prevention and microbiological infection data

Recently Nuffield Health moved to an enterprise edition single Quality Management System across our network for regulatory compliance to CPA, MHRA, CQC, and NHSLA requirements. 

Pathology test profiles

We use our clinical and medical expertise to develop a comprehensive range of pathology test profiles to assist in the diagnosis, assessment and monitoring of potential ill health. These screens are designed to contain appropriate test elements with recognition of current guidelines; are simple to request yet extremely thorough covering:

  • Clinical Screens and Profiles
  • Wellness Profiles
  • Employment & Occupational Health Screens

This publication includes just some of the most requested test profiles we provide. We offer a comprehensive range of tests and investigations through our trusted pathology network and approved partners.

If you have specific requirements, suggestions or wish to develop profiles for particular needs, please contact us discuss your requirements.