As a Designated Body, Nuffield Health has a robust system of appraisal and clinical governance in place to support doctors achieve revalidation. It is Nuffield Health’s Responsible Officer; Davina Deniszczy's duty to make ensure that there are processes implemented for you and that they meet the latest quality assurance framework guidance set by The GMC and NHS England.

Meet the Team:

Nuffield Health’s Charity, Medical Director & Responsible Officer is:
Davina Deniszczyc

The revalidation team can be contacted via

The following information will assist you with your appraisal and revalidation.

What is Revalidation, and its Purpose?

Medical revalidation is the process by which the General Medical Council (GMC) confirms the continuation of a doctor’s licence to practise in the UK. All doctors who wish to retain their licence to practise need to participate in revalidation.

The purpose of revalidation is to provide greater assurance to patients and the public, employers and other healthcare professionals that licensed doctors are up-to-date and fit to practise. It is a key component of a range of measures designed to improve the quality of care for patients.

Revalidation at Nuffield Health

Once you connect to Nuffield Health you will be set up with our systems, these being:

Systems provided to you

Nuffield Health has selected L2P as our revalidation management system (RMS) of choice. As a doctor with practicing privileges and a prescribed connection to Nuffield Health, you will be given complimentary access to the RMS system where you will be able to store your online appraisal portfolio. L2P is also the software used to facilitate your annual appraisals. L2P has been designed to support you in evidencing clinical appraisal data required to achieve revalidation.

To manage the process once you connect to Nuffield Health you will be automatically enrolled onto L2P.

Appraisal Process

To minimise any potential conflict of interest within the organisation and to quality assure appraisals in line with the GMC’s Good medical practice framework, Nuffield Health has chosen MIAD Healthcare to facilitate all appraisals for doctors with a practicing privileges and a prescribed connection.

Miad Healthcare is a healthcare-dedicated training company who offer clinical appraisals. Miad’s appraisers have been appointed under regional support team criteria.

Please note there is a cost associated with your annual appraisal which is £850+VAT (which is tax deductible).

Appraisal portfolio requirements

The types of supporting evidence you will be required to submit to within your Equiniti portfolio are:

  • Personal development plan
  • 360, multi-source feedback (patient and colleague feedback)
  • Evidence of continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Review of complaints and compliments
  • Significant events analysis
  • Quality improvement activity

To book your Appraisal

12 weeks prior to your appraisal due date, please contact MIAD direct. They will be able to assign you an appraiser and co-ordinate your appraisal booking.

Nuffield Health’s appraisal contact is Alison Keen.
Phone: 01189 036034


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