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We are integral in supporting and delivering the Nuffield Health vision of healthcare and we are experienced in delivering pathology services to our hospitals and gyms. This is achieved through our hub and spoke network of Hospital-based laboratories supported by our specialist investigation laboratory at Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital.

We provide what we believe is a unique leading-edge service provision model in support of both routine pathology services, increasingly complex surgery and the testing requirements of a range of external clients with continuous improvement high on the pathology agenda.

A full management solution for all requests and reports is provided through our Laboratory Information System. Our customer focused service enables us to tailor test profiles, pathology reports and service delivery to meet individual requirements always supported with appropriate clinical advice. In addition, we offer Cyberlab; a web-based paperless system of reporting pathology results for clinicians.

Our service operates with a Quality Improvement Strategy which ensures pre and post analytical pathology procedures and all aspects of the services subject to routine internal and external audit. The pathology service uses an enterprise edition Quality Management System across our network for regulatory compliance to CPA / UKAS, MHRA and CQC requirements.