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All our lessons in Milton Keynes are taught by Swim England swimming instructors

Our excellent 'Swim England Learn to Swim' programme at Nuffield Health in Milton Keynes follows Swim England standards.

Whether you're an adult wanting to improve your technique, or your child wants to learn to swim, we can offer lessons tailored to your needs.

Lessons are available to both gym members and non-members.

Adult swimming lessons

It's never too late to learn how to swim! Whether you're a complete beginner or want to improve your stroke, we offer 1-2-1 lessons throughout the day. Your instructor can tailor lessons to your ability and goals, teaching front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke or butterfly.

Simply let us know when you would like to book a lesson and we will find a suitable time for you.

Our heated pool is 20m.

Children's swimming lessons

We offer a variety of coaching options for your child, whatever their age or ability.

  • Group lessons available weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings
  • Maximum of 6 children per class
  • Available to children aged 2.5+
  • Badge and certificate each term when achieved (included in fees)
  • Private 1-2-1 lessons also available

Prices - Adults/Children:

  • 1 x 30-minute private lessons: £20 - member, £24 non-member
  • 5 x 30-minute private lessons: £95 - member, £110 - non-member
  • 10 x 30-minute private lessons: £180 - member, £200 - non-member
  • 2 to 1 (per lesson): £30 - member, £34 - non-member
  • 5 x 2 to 1 lessons: £120 - member, £144 - non-member
  • Child group lesson: £8 - member, £12 - non-member (bookable in school term blocks)
  • Child squad session (1 hour): £10 – member, £15 – non-member (bookable in school term blocks)

Children's group lesson timetable

9:30–10:00-----Stage 1 /2-
10:00-10:30-----Stage 3-
10:30-11:00-----Stage 4-
11:00-11:30-----Stage 5-
11:30-12:00-----Stage 6/7-
4:00-4:30Stage 1/2Over 8’s stage 1 & 2Ducklings---
4:30-5:00Stage 1/2Stage1/2Stage 1/2Stage 1/2---
5:00-5:30Stage 3Stage 3Stage 3Stage 3---
5:30-6:00Stage 4Stage 4Stage 4Stage 4---
6:00-6:30Stage 5Stage 5Stage 5Stage 5---
6:30-7:00Stage 6/7Stage 6/7Stage 6/7---

Children's group lessons descriptions

Swim England stageRequirementContent
Ducklings3 Years and upwards. Suitable for the more nervous child. Swimfins and swim aids used. Currently an adult from the same bubble is required to be in the water.Introduction to swimming and water confidence in a group environment, learning through play.
Over 8’s Stage 1/2A beginner’s class for those over 8 years old more confident in the water with aids. Basic strokes are encouraged, water skills and submersion.
Stage 1/ 2A beginner’s class for those more confident in the water with aids. Basic strokes are encouraged, water skills and submersion.
Stage 3Must be able to swim 5m, swimming on front and back with minimal aids.Development of all 3 strokes, breaststroke leg kick a focal point 
Stage 4Must be able to do full breaststroke and swim 10m unaided on front and back.Improvement of 3 strokes and introduction of Butterfly
Stage 5Must be able to do all 3 strokes at good standard for 15mImprovement of all 4 strokes and working on increasing stamina.
Stage 6/7Lane swimming must be able to swim 25m with an efficient style.Timed swims, advanced water skills, building up stamina and strength.
Stages 8,9 & 10Aged between 7 – 15 and must have completed stage 7A 1 hour session, intensive training to develop speed, stamina, technique, turns and starts. 

For further information about our swimming programme, or to book lessons, please get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to our swim school.