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The physical benefits of swimming

Swimming is an enjoyable and an extremely productive way to exercise, working all the major muscle groups to tone your body. Not only is it refreshing, but because of its' resistant qualities, water is an excellent environment for a great fat-burning workout. 

Swimming is also a low-impact exercise, so there is far less stress on your joints and therefore less risk of sustaining injury. In fact, swimming is often used during rehabilitation for people recovering from injury/surgery. 

Our heated pool in Didsbury has dedicated lanes for lap training and our aqua classes offer a great way to stay in shape.

Download our swimming lessons timetable >>

Download our pool timetable >>

Swimming lessons for children

Following the ‘Swim England Learn to Swim’ scheme we offer both group classes and 1-2-1 lessons to suit every child’s needs. Our Didsbury swim school provides the perfect environment in which to successfully learn how to swim or improve your swimming. 

Our small group sizes ensure all pupils receive a high standard of individual tuition and progress quicker.

Parent & Baby classes:

From 3 months - 3 years, this is an introduction to the water for parents and their infants. The basis of these lessons is to create a relationship with the water, build confidence for both parents and babies as well as integrate, socialise and have fun.

Evidence suggests that in the early years, these classes stimulate the nervous system to improve balance and co-ordination. It also increases lung capacity which has an all round benefit.

We offer parent and baby lessons every Friday and Saturday morning in our small pool.

Pre-school lessons (Duckling award):

Our pre-school classes offer a great transition between parent and baby classes to the ‘Swim England Learn to Swim’ Scheme. From 3+ we teach the Duckling awards, these classes are kept to a maximum of 6 per class with an instructor in the water at all times. 

These lessons aim to develop the fundamentals of water safety, rotation, flotation and front and back paddle with and without aids, which together make up the first Swim England Stages of swimming.

‘Swim England Learn to Swim’ programme:

The 'Swim England Learn to Swim' Pathway is the national syllabus used to help teachers deliver swimming lessons. It ensures swimming lessons for all ages are delivered to a consistently high standard. 

The all-inclusive programme takes non-swimmers on a journey through four specialised frameworks. These start with the basics of learning to swim and end with advanced skills for sports such as water polo or diving. 

  • We offer a variety of stages across 7 days with our team of 6 instructors
  • All lessons Stage 5 and under have a maximum of 6 children per class
  • All lessons above Stage 5 maintain a maximum of 8 children per class
  • Our lessons take place every weeknight from 16:00 - 19:00, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 08:30
  • We have a variety of stages across the weekly timetable cater for all abilities.

Private 1-2-1 lessons:

Multiple 1-2-1 lessons for children run alongside our term time schedule, prices and amount depend on the current term. These can be with an instructor of your choice, as well as a day and time to suit you.

If it’s just a few extra lessons to help with something specific, we do offer 4 x 30-minute lessons. These can be to help with a specific area or just extra lessons throughout the school holidays.

Swim squads:

Our Swim squad group classes are designed to develop and progress our competent Swim England Stages 8-10 junior members. This emerging squad will be challenged to increase both fitness and competitiveness. Perfecting all four strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly) through different techniques including drills, Individual Medley (IM) and timed swims.

Class times:

  • Monday: 18:00 - 19:00
  • Thursday: 17:30 - 18:15
  • Friday: 18:00 - 19:00
  • Saturday: 11:30 - 12:30

Private tuition:

We offer:

  • 1-1-1 lessons
  • 2-2-1 lessons

A range of packages is available to meet the specific needs of your child. These can be with an instructor of your choice, as well as a day and time to suit you. This includes extra tuition throughout all school breaks.

Swimming lessons for adults

Group lessons:

Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to work on your technique we have a group lesson to suit you. Every Thursday evening, we hold adult lessons, if you are interested please enquire below for a free trial lesson.

  • Beginners - Thursdays 18:30 - 19:00 
  • Advanced - Thursdays 19:00 - 19:45

Private lessons:

We offer adult 1-2-1 lessons in a variety of packages depending on what you are looking for. We have a range of qualified instructors who specialise in different aspects of swimming from beginner’s to advanced level. Lessons can be at a time that suits you best.

Swimming lessons cancellation policy

Please make every effort to attend all lessons. We know things come up and schedules change, however the best results come from consistent weekly lessons. If multiple lessons are missed due to a medical reason, then we can issue a refund with a valid medical note.

Cancellation by Nuffield Health: On the rare occasion that we have to cancel a scheduled lesson, we will be entitled to a make-up lesson. This may be with a substitute teacher to avoid cancellation on our part.

Swimming FAQ

Can we enrol online?

If you are new to the program, then you will need to be manually enrolled by our team at reception. You can track your child’s progress as well as re-enrol and change classes if necessary. Please follow this link to access your child’s account:

How do I get started?

We always offer either an assessment or trial lesson to start, this is to ensure your child is placed in the right group. To arrange this please fill in an enquiry form below.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

No, everything you need will be provided.

What is the best swimwear for babies?

They will need to wear a swim nappy underneath the swimwear of your choice.

Does my child need goggles?

This is based on preference, there will be times when children will be required to go underwater. If they would feel more comfortable with goggles then we would recommend them.

How many children are in each class?

Class size varies from 6-8 depending on the stage. We have an 8 maximum capacity in every class.

Do you have to be a member to take part in swimming lessons?

Yes, you will need to be a member to take part in any swim lessons at Nuffield Health Didsbury.

Do you offer refunds for missed lessons?

As per our cancellation policy refunds may be given with a medical note.

What age can children start swimming from?

The sooner, the better. We start parent and baby classes from 3 months+. If you have any queries about age please feel free to contact our swim manager for more information.

Will my baby be going under the water?

As part of our parent and baby classes we encourage parents to try submersion, however we will never force a baby under the water.

How long do the sessions last?

All group lessons are 30 minutes. Private lessons can be either 30 or 60 minutes depending on your requirements.

How do I pay for my lessons?

The full term payment will be taken in one payment; this can be done with reception or online if you are enrolling with CoursePro.