Long term smoking often results in narrowing of your airways and scarring of your lungs. Symptoms of COPD can include: 

  • Chronic cough
  • Breathlessness when moving or exercising 
  • Frequent chest infections 
  • Wheezing 
  • Swollen ankles 
  • Fatigue

If you experience the symptoms of COPD you should seek medical advice. In the first instance your GP may refer you to a specialist who can access how well you breathe. Using a machine called a spirometer they will determine how quickly your lungs empty and fill with air. Blood tests and a chest x-ray may also be required.

How is COPD treated?

Although there is no cure for COPD, progression of the disease can be slowed if you stop smoking.

Your breathlessness can be controlled by using an inhaler. Additional medication and/or oxygen therapy may also help to ease your symptoms. A special exercise and education programme called pulmonary rehabilitation can help you get mobile and regain confidence in coping with your COPD symptoms. Our experienced consultants diagnose and treat COPD in a hospital near you. 

To learn more about COPD visit the British Lung Foundation website.