Nuffield Health Woking Hospital to offer robot-assisted surgery for people who need hip and knee replacements

Nuffield Health Woking Hospital has taken delivery of a Mako® robot, which enables consultant surgeons to carry out more precise knee and hip replacements, with patients likely to experience less pain and faster recoveries after the robot-assisted surgery. The Mako® robot highlights the hospital’s ambition to provide local people with access to best-in-class healthcare technology, ensuring they receive a high-quality patient journey.

“The arrival of the Mako® robot here at Woking demonstrates the important role robotic technology plays in advancing healthcare and our hospital team’s ambition to ensure that local people, including NHS patients, with joint conditions have access to the best possible experiences,” says Justine Duda, Health System Director at Nuffield Health Woking Hospital

“We and our expert consultant surgeons take a personal approach by treating everyone as an individual with their health challenges and aspirations,” she adds.

The Mako® technology works by using a robotic-arm to remove damaged bone and cartilage and precisely positions the new hip or knee implant, with consultant surgeons creating a bespoke 3D model using the Mako® software based on a patient’s anatomy.

Mr Dean Michael, Consultant Hip & Knee Surgeon at the Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic, who practices at Nuffield Health Woking Hospital, comments: “Robotic surgery using the Mako® robot has been shown to improve the accuracy of hip and knee replacement component positioning and potentially reduce surgical soft tissue trauma.” 

“It’s hoped that this may lead to optimised recovery and shorter length of stay for patients, as well as improving the long-term survival of these joint replacements,” says Mr Michael.

“This is a major investment from Nuffield Health Woking Hospital and I’m looking forward to being able to offer this to my patients,” he adds.

Mr Constant Busch, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who also practices at Nuffield Health Woking Hospital, explains: “The Mako® system consists of a robotic arm which, using accurate preoperative imaging, allows the surgeon to make sure that the preparation of the bone for a patient having a joint replacement is as accurate as possible.”

“Any experienced surgeon will be able to make accurate bony cuts but evidence shows that the Mako® robot will increase the accuracy even further,” he adds.

Mr Busch says, “There is good evidence that increased accuracy in placing total knee replacement components leads to improved function and shortened hospital stay. This evidence is also available in patients having a total hip replacement but to a slightly lesser extent.” 

“The use of the Mako® robot allows for less disruption to the soft tissues to occur and is probably one of the reasons that overall pain scores are less. Improved patient satisfaction has also been reported,” adds Mr Busch.

The new Mako® robot at Nuffield Health Woking Hospital joins Mako® robots at Nuffield Health’s Bournemouth, Glasgow, Cambridge, Leeds, Bristol, Exeter and Cardiff & Vale hospitals.  

Nuffield Health Woking Hospital is part of the wider Nuffield Health healthcare charity, with a network of connected hospitals, fitness and wellbeing centres, healthcare clinics, and workplace wellbeing services across the UK.

Nuffield Health Woking Hospital specialises in orthopaedic care such as joint care, eye care, general surgery and women’s health.

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Last updated Thursday 1 February 2024

First published on Monday 10 July 2023