Nuffield Health opens first sports performance lab

Nuffield Health has opened its first specialist sports performance lab at its City Fitness and Wellbeing gym in London. Continuing to take a connected approach to health, the Nuffield Health Sports Performance Lab will support those looking to improve sports performance while also supporting injury rehabilitation via a team of physiotherapists, physiologists and doctors.

Using innovative technologies, the lab will help people to train in a more effective way and is open to both non-Nuffield Health members and members. The lab will support all fitness levels, ranging from those who have just started their first training plan, to amateur and professional athletes.

Using the same techniques to assess and monitor the performance levels of Olympic athletes, the facility offers high tech gait analysis, bike fitting for performance, functional movement screening, Vo2 maximal fitness testing and lactate profile testing. The tests provide personalised reports enabling people to understand how they move, how to look after and prevent injuries, how to optimise fitness levels and improve athletic performance. Results will then be used to create tailored and effective training programmes.

The high tech gait analysis will be led by Nuffield Health physiotherapists and features a five camera Quintic system to track mobility, stability, motor control and movement faults. To analyse the maximum amount of oxygen a person’s body can utilise and to identify their maximum aerobic threshold, a Vo2 and Lactate Profile test can be booked with Nuffield Health’s physiologists.

Jay Brewer, Nuffield Health Professional Head of Physiology comments:
“Historically the world of sports performance has been out of reach to the general public and for those motivated enough to find these services are often left confused by the technical nature of the tests and results. This is why we have adopted a simple sport specific approach to performance testing beginning with running, cycling and triathlon, delivered in a number of understandable packages. Once the right sports performance package has been chosen, we then use our team of experts to turn the data into meaningful programmes that deliver the best gains in performance.”

The Sports Performance Lab opening now complements existing services at the Nuffield Health City Fitness and Wellbeing gym which opened in 2005 and already features a medical centre, physiotherapy, nutritional therapy, swimming pool, sauna and steam room, dedicated spin studio, squash courts and 86,000 sq ft gym.

For more information on the Nuffield Health Sports Performance Lab and to book an appointment visit or call 020 3797 1990. Prices start from £200.

Last updated Tuesday 5 July 2016

First published on Friday 22 April 2016