5 exercises you can do with a ViPR

Trying out new gym equipment can be daunting, but these instructional films will show you how to use a VIPR correctly and introduce some variation into your workout.

The ViPR is a very versatile piece of gym kit designed for weighted movement training. It's formed of a hollow, rubber, cylindrical weight with two handles built into its sides, and ranges from 4kg to 20kg.

The varied weight of the ViPR means that it is a useful resistance training tool for anyone from beginner level upwards, and the diversity of movements possible can provide a challenge for any and all of your muscle groups. 

As with all gym equipment, it's essential you use it properly to avoid injury. Here's our Personal Trainers to tell you how to perform five ViPR exercises correctly.

1. Thread the Needle

2. Cylinder Lift

3. Lunge to Uppercut

4. Side (Lateral) Flip

5. Side (Lateral) Lunge

Last updated Wednesday 2 September 2020

First published on Friday 13 May 2016