Healthy Work

We're providing a stimulating, inclusive and healthy working environment within which our 16,000 people can thrive and achieve their career goals and aspirations.

Our areas of focus

Health and wellbeing

We’re creating a supportive and caring working environment where we prioritise the wellbeing of our people.

Diversity and inclusion

As inclusive employers, we embrace all ethnicities, genders and disabilities, and listen to and welcome all views.

Training and development

We provide quality training and education to all our people, in every area of the Charity.

We’re an inclusive employer focused on creating an inclusive culture, where all our people feel they belong

As a wheelchair user, Ross Morrison doesn’t fit the usual stereotype of a personal trainer (PT). But, he is a Level 3 PT at Nuffield Health’s wellbeing and fitness centre in Cheam, and an active member of our Equity Forum, which is helping to make our Charity an inclusive workplace.

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Nursing excellence begins with our award-winning preceptorship programme

We’re delighted to have won ‘Preceptorship of the Year’ in the Nursing Times Workforce Awards 2021 for the second year running. Our nine-month programme prepares newly-qualified nurses for professional success, facilitating knowledge and skills acquisition, clinical confidence and the delivery of high quality care.

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Nuffield Health values the importance of investing in our people and developing talent.

Jay Morris, Clinical Educator & Learning and Development Speciast

Responding to the health and wellbeing needs of our people

During the pandemic, we began offering free mental health treatments to our people to help them mitigate the COVID-19 impact and support their emotional wellbeing.

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Learning from our international nurses

Since December 2020, we’ve been delighted to welcome nurses from the Philippines to help us address the critical shortage of nurses in the UK. Now, through a series of interviews, we’re finding out more about their lived experiences so that we can achieve equity for all our people.

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Achievements so far...

Our healthy work strategy aligns to these UN Sustainability Development Goals: