There are many benefits of flexibility training, from preventing injury and relieving muscle soreness to improving your performance in exercise and enhancing your joint health.

Yoga and stretching are great ways to improve your flexibility, while also being a great way to relax and recover.

Here are some classes to get you started.

Loosen up any tight muscles you may have from an intense workout, or from sitting at a desk all day. From frog pose to downward dog, you’ll work through the whole body, taking time to relax, breathe and unwind.

For this beginner-friendly class, you'll start with some easy guided breathing and floor work, before getting into some sun salutations and standing poses. You'll then finish with a nice, long relaxation. 

Open your hips and heart, while strengthening your back body. Beginning with a seated meditation, you’ll flow through a graceful yoga sequence, connecting each breath with each movement along the way.

Release those tight muscles, unwind and de-stress as Sabrina takes you through this relaxing 45-minute class. You'll be focusing on yin poses such as twisted deer, puppy dog and sleeping swan, holding each for a few minutes to open up different areas of the body.