Reaction time is key as it helps protect you from potential injury and improve your physical performance.

You can boost your reaction time and speed through agility drills and plyometrics, such as jumping and burpees.

You can expect these powerful movements in HIIT (high-intensity interval training), boxing and other cardio classes. Here are a few for you to get stuck into.

Get your heart pumping and your whole body moving with sumo burpees, side-to-side squats and forearm plank climbers.

Can you do 10 burpees in 30 seconds? The quicker you go, the more time you have to rest. The rest of the workout is all about jumps, jacks and fast footwork.

Strengthen your legs and arms with plyo lunges and man-makers. Work on your speed with prison skaters and burpee rebounds. Then test your agility with straight punches and power hooks.

Get to grips with boxing basics in just 30-minutes. In round 1 you’ll learn how to stand, guard, move and punch – before putting it all together with some combos in round 2. Then you’ll alternate between boxing and fitness drills in round 3.