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Men and women of all ages can suffer from incontinence, although women are particularly prone. But, in nearly all cases, the condition is treatable or preventable.

The most common form is in stress, whereby the bladder leaks when put under pressure, for example with a cough or a sneeze, when playing sport or during intercourse. Weakness may follow childbirth, though constipation, a chronic cough or being overweight may be factors. The other form is urge incontinence whereby a person has a sudden need to go to the toilet and in the rush the bladder leaks. This is often caused by an infection or bladder irritation.

Our service

Managed by a chartered physiotherapist and specialist incontinence nurse we offer a variety of ways to treat urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction.

On your first visit to the clinic, a full assessment of your lifestyle, surgical and medical history will be made as well as a physical examination. Once completed, we will discuss with you the diagnosis and possible treatments available.

Our treatments

These may include the completion of bladder charts, the training and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscle using a variety of methods and advice on incontinence prevention.