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Fed-up of the same old injury occurring time and time again?
Received three different diagnoses by three different practitioners?
Want to increase your mileage but that niggle just won’t go away?

We can help. The Holly Hospital is one of the few facilities in the UK to have invested in the most advanced motion analysis technology to assess, treat and prevent injuries. Run 3D Gait Analysis

A spin-out from the University of Oxford, The Run3D biomechanical assessment is very different from that offered by your local running shop. It uses advanced 3D technology, used by as elite athletes, film studios and running shoe manufacturers, to measure the joint angles at your hips, knees and ankles.

“My Run3D assessment identified the root-cause of my injury. Not only do I know what was causing me to get injured, I’m armed with the tools to rectify this.” - Jo Pavey, Team GB Olympian

Specialised infrared cameras precisely measure the 3D positions of reflective markers attached to your legs enabling the custom-built software to create an exact computer model of you running or walking. Our team analyses your biomechanical assessment to identify any unusual patterns in your running style to help you optimise your mobility and/or to identify the root-cause of any current injuries, recommending a long-term treatment solution.

Is Run3D right for me?

The service is for anyone who wants to improve or protect their mobility regardless of the activities you participate in, your ability level or whether you currently have an injury or not. For example, you might benefit if you:

  • suffer from a recurring sports injury
  • want to reduce the likelihood of developing an injury
  • run
  • are an athlete or triathlete
  • enjoy recreational walks or are a dog walker
  • have had knee replacement or other orthopaedic surgery
  • stumble or fall frequently
  • want to optimise your mobility or training.

You do not need to be referred for gait analysis (unless you wish to claim on your health insurance policy).

What happens at the appointment?

Your whole appointment will take around hour starting with the gait analysis assessment where you will be required to walk or run on a treadmill. You will walk or run at your normal speed for a few minutes at a time, with a series of markers placed at various points on your lower body.

Specialist software then analyses your joint angles and positions to generate an individualised report with your results. A score is given for the performance at the hip, knee and ankle, as well as functional parameters such as stride length and an ‘Injury Index Score’. Our consultant specialist will talk through your report with you explaining any abnormalities contributing to your risk of injury and recommend a treatment plan for you, as appropriate.