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Pilates based exercises are controlled exercises focusing on the deep stabilising muscles of the body with special emphasis on the neck, shoulder girdle, abdominal, spinal, hip and pelvic floor muscles. The exercises are a safe and effective way to improve spinal, postural alignment and promote a healthy, flexible and dynamically stable body that moves without strain or pain.

The Holly is pleased to offer patients pilates classes as part of your rehabilitation from injury or physical problems or to build strength and flexibility and help to prevent injury.

Clinical Pilates

Our classes are run by senior chartered physiotherapists with additional training in Stott and APPI Pilates instruction. Clinical classes are for patients with spinal problems currently or recently under medical care. With a maximum of eight people per class, the group can be closely supervised and is suitable for:

  • Patients experiencing back pain or dysfunction
  • Patients who have had spinal surgery
  • Patients currently receiving physiotherapy treatment who need regular exercise rehabilitation to support their treatment.

General Pilates

Group classes which are appropriate for a range of general physical conditions including:

  • Chronic back and neck problems
  • People wanting to improve posture and alignment
  • Prevention of injury or re-injury
  • Post-pregnancy rehabilitation (minimum 6 months post delivery)
  • Safe conditioning as an addition to sports or fitness
  • Healthy individuals who are interested in Pilates exercise.