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Depending on the specific problems you are experiencing, your physiotherapist may recommend a variety of different treatment and preventative approaches such as mobilisation and manipulation, exercise therapy and/or education and preventative advice. Sometimes we might try other techniques, such as acupuncture or shockwave therapy.

Your physiotherapist will carry out an assessment on you to help determine what treatments might help you most.

What is mobilisation and manipulation?

Manual therapy is a technique where a physiotherapist uses their hands to manipulate, mobilise and massage the body tissues.

This can help:

  • Relieve pain and stiffness
  • Improve the movement of different parts of the body
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help fluid drain more efficiently from parts of the body
  • Promote relaxation

Manual therapy can be used to treat specific problems, such as back pain, but may also be useful for a range of conditions that don’t affect the bones, joints or muscles.

For example, massage may improve the quality of life for some people with serious or long-term conditions by reducing levels of anxiety and improving sleep quality.