What is 3D Bike Fit Assessment?

Our 3D Bike Fit Assessment using video analysis is suitable for all cyclists who want to analyse their cycling position to achieve maximum comfort and performance. We analyse every aspect of your interaction with the bike and identify the optimum cycling position to suit your body type, riding style, injury history and race goals.

Is a 3D Bike Fit Assessment right for me?

3D Bike Fit Assessment can help:

  • New cyclists just starting out with a new bike – Bike fit assessment can help ensure your bike is set up appropriately and help prevent overuse and postural injuries that can occur when cycling in the incorrect position.
  • Experienced cyclists returning to cycling following an injury – Bike fit assessment can help ensure your bike set up is ideal to avoid recurrence of injury.
  • Experienced cyclists who feel the bike set up is not ideal – Small adjustments can improve cyclist’s performance on the bike with less exertion on the legs.

What happens during the assessment?

  1. The process starts with a Bike fit questionnaire to help identify your needs as a cyclist and what you’re hoping to get out of the session.
  2. We then move on to assess your usual riding position, in particular looking at:
    • Your usual riding position
    • our key contact points with your bike, to assess any problem areas
    • The position of your pedal cleats and knee alignment
    • Your hip and leg position as you ride
    • Your saddle position
    • Your hand position, depending on how your ride and or race

    We’ll take key measurements from your contact points on the bike to set a baseline and check for imbalances.

  3. Next we measure your performance at a constant speed to assess your position with video feedback.
  4. Your Physiotherapist will then make adjustments to your position as needed.
  5. Steps 3 and 4 are used to get you into the optimum position to suit your body type, riding style, injury history and race goals.
  6. Once the bike assessment process is complete, videos are then sent to the rider to keep and refer back to you as needed.

How much does it cost and how can I book an appointment?

3D Bike Fit Assessment lasts approximately 60 minutes and costs £125.