Preparing for the Nuffield Health Personal Best Programme

Are you excited to reach your Personal Best? Here’s some advice and guidance on how to prepare for your appointments.  

Before your appointment

After booking any of your appointments with our reception team, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know the time and date of the appointment, what to expect, and any specific instructions to follow.

Your Wellbeing Personal Trainer will introduce each appointment to you, but please do review our FAQs or speak to your centre’s reception team if you have any specific questions. Don’t forget to bring your membership card and wear comfortable clothing when you attend your appointments.

First and final appointment

During your first and final appointments on the programme you’ll receive a health check so we can find out your baseline measures and track your achievements throughout your journey. This health check will include a finger prick blood test.

To ensure accurate test results we'd kindly ask that you follow this guidance:

  • Fasting is recommended for 8-10 hours before your appointment. This includes any food and drink (other than water), including caffeine. Please only fast if you feel comfortable to do so, as we understand there may be cases where this isn’t possible (i.e. if you have diabetes or are pregnant).
  • Drink plenty of water ahead of your appointment as this can make fasting more comfortable.
  • Take your regular medication as normal, and eat with this if necessary.
  • Avoid exercising 12–24 hours before the health check if possible, as this can affect some of your results.
  • Bring a light snack with you, or make sure you have time to eat after your appointment if you’ve been fasting.
  • If you usually smoke, you can continue to do so.

Check-in appointment 

You don’t need to prepare anything for your check-in appointment at week 6. This is a dedicated session with your Wellbeing Personal Trainer who’ll review your progress and suggest adjustments to your programme where necessary. 

During your appointment

Please aim to arrive 10 minutes ahead of your appointment so that your appointment can start promptly. When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by our receptionists, shown to one of our consultation rooms, and introduced to your Wellbeing Personal Trainer.  

Your Wellbeing Personal Trainer will give you a thorough overview of what your session will entail. Below is a reminder, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have all this information in your appointment confirmation email:

Week 1
First Appointment

  • Health history questionnaire
  • Health check
  • Goal setting and personalised
    action plan

Week 6
Check-in Appointment

  • Review of progress
  • Update goals and action plan

Week 12
Final Appointment

  • Repeat health history questionnaire
  • Repeat health check
  • Review of achievements and next steps

After each of your appointments we would recommend scheduling your next appointment with our reception team at a suitable time for you.

After your appointment  

Following each of your appointments, we’ll give you a full summary of your results and personalised action plan. This will be emailed securely to you, using the address that you provide to your Wellbeing Personal Trainer. 

All that’s left for you to do is begin your journey to becoming your Personal Best. If you need a gym induction, or an exercise programme to complement your Nuffield Health Personal Best journey, your centre reception team will be happy to book an appointment for you. They’ll also answer any other queries you may have. 

If you can't make your appointments

If you need to reschedule, please contact your local Fitness and Wellbeing Centre no later than 24 hours before your appointment and one of our team will be happy to re-book this for you.

To make sure we can support as many people as possible, you’ll be removed from the programme if you don’t attend more than two appointments without letting us know in advance.

Medical considerations

Please note there are some medical considerations that mean it may not be safe for you to participate on the Nuffield Health Personal Best Programme. If you’ve been advised by a medical professional that you can only exercise under clinical supervision, you’ll need to visit your GP and gain written authorisation for us to allow you to safely participate.