COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
If you are not going to use your season ticket or Travelcard for some time, you can follow the refund process set out by our partner, Abellio Corporate Travel, using our Season Ticket Portal.

If your ticket was not requested from Abellio Corporate Travel originally, email for further details.

Nuffield Health will fund the cost of your annual travelcard or travel season ticket for commuting to work; your loan will then be repaid over 12 equal monthly instalments, directly from your net salary. If you make the same journey at least three times per week, annual season tickets and travelcards can often offer the best value, with up to 12 weeks’ free travel each year. You can find out the price of your rail ticket by visiting the National Rail Season Ticket Calculator or the Transport for London website.

You can apply for this benefit after completing three months' continuous service.

How to apply

Visit our partner’s website Abellio Corporate Travel to apply for your ticket. Please ensure you have your employee number to hand when you apply, which can be found on Workday. Please allow five working days for your ticket application to be approved and your ticket dispatched.

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Who can apply for a Season Ticket Loan?
All Nuffield Health employees with a permanent contract or a contract continuing for at least 12 months are eligible to apply after completing three months' continuous service.

How much can I borrow?
The maximum you can apply for is £10,000 per year.

What are the benefits of an annual season ticket?
Annual season tickets usually provide the best value if you make the same journey at least three days a week, saving up to 12 weeks each year, compared to purchasing daily tickets. Buying an annual season ticket saves you time, too, as you will no longer have to queue for tickets at the station every time you travel. You can use your ticket any time, any day of the week, for your chosen journey. Most annual season tickets within the London and South East area will be issued as a Gold Card, which offers a range of further discounts on rail services.

Can I buy a three or six-month ticket?
As three-and six-month tickets do not offer any additional discount over buying them monthly, you are only able to apply for an annual season ticket.

Can I buy an annual bus pass?
Please note that annual bus passes are not currently available from Abellio Corporate Travel, unless they are part of a multimodal ticket such as Oyster or West Midlands Zone Card. If you require an annual bus pass, the process will be as before via a paper application form, which can be obtained by sending an email request to 

How does this benefit work?
This is an interest-free loan designed to spread the cost of your annual season ticket. Once you have completed your online application, your request will be verified and if approved, your ticket, oyster card or smart card will be delivered by recorded delivery to the address on your application within 48 hours from our partner Abellio Corporate Travel. The loan will be repayable over 12 months effective from the next available pay run.

What if I need to change my ticket, or if it’s been lost or stolen?
You will need to revisit the Abellio Corporate Travel portal, click on the ‘Manage your Account’ tab and follow the instructions on there. Alternatively, contact Abellio Corporate Travel on 0345 565 1679.

What happens if I leave the Company?
You can request a refund quote or refund your ticket from the ‘Manage your Account’ tab on the Abellio Corporate Travel portal. If you leave Nuffield Health prior to the loan being fully repaid, any outstanding balance will be deducted from your final salary. If your final salary isn’t sufficient to cover this, an alternative payment needs to be made.

Who should I contact for further information?
If you have any enquiries about your application or ticket, please contact Abellio Corporate Travel on 0345 565 1679. If you have any other questions not answered here, contact the Reward Team at