The COVID-19 situation is unprecedented, and we want to ensure that the mental health needs of all our people impacted by COVID-19 can obtain the emotional wellbeing support they feel they need it, when they need it. 

Any employee experiencing distress due to the mental health impact of COVID-19 can now access an initial emotional wellbeing telephone assessment and then psychological treatment by phone or online, free of charge*. This support is irrespective of Nuffield Health Healthcare Scheme cover and does not require payment of an excess.

The telephone assessment will cover answer any questions you have, provide initial advice, assess the nature of your difficulties and arrange the next steps of the support you need.

To access this confidential support, you can either:

  • Access our online booking system to arrange an assessment. Use EWSupport when asked for a 'Corporate Code' and then follow the simple steps to confirm a booking time.
    If you're unable to access the online system, you can phone 0333 1234106 to speak to the Emotional Wellbeing Booking Team (Monday to Friday 8am–7pm and Saturday 9am–1pm)
  • Within hospitals contact your Occupational Health advisor who can book you onto a Telephone Assessment or talk to your Emotional Wellbeing Champion
  • Approach your Line Manager who will be able to assist you

*Up to a value of £1000 – self-pay available after that. During this period Nuffield Health will pay any Benefit in Kind tax implications for those receiving treatment

How long will the offer of free treatment last?

This offer is available for a limited period during COVID-19 and will be reviewed on a monthly basis (due to the ever-changing context of the pandemic). We will give one months’ notice of this scheme ending. Anyone already in treatment at the end of this period will continue to be funded, but any new cases will need to go via the existing Nuffield Health Healthcare scheme or the self-funded process.

Please note: This offer applies to treatment arranged and received on or after the 25 May 2020 – when this offer was made available to employees. Any treatments received prior to this date will be liable for the standard charges. This cannot be waived or refunded retrospectively.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The health and wellbeing of our employees is incredibly important. If you would like to speak to someone in confidence about any worries or concerns you may have, then you may want to consider a talking therapy like cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Many people find cognitive behavioural therapy helpful as it can support you to manage problems by changing unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviour. This approach is tailored, you agree the goals that are meaningful to you.

If this approach feels right for you then you can access support through the Nuffield Health Employee Healthcare Scheme if you’re a member. Alternatively, if you choose to self-fund, we can offer a discounted rate of £80 per session. Call 0333 123 4106 for more details.

Knowing what support you may need can be tricky, so if you are not sure then you can always contact our Emotional Wellbeing Team who can talk you through which treatment options sound best for you. You do not need a GP referral to do this and this can be accessed by also calling 0333 123 4106.

How long will it take me to get referred and start treatment from when I first contact the triage team?

Your triage assessment can be booked for the same or next day depending on your availability. Once the assessment has been completed, you will be able to discuss what support is right for you and we can then book your appointment with the most appropriate specialist. We have appointments available within a few days, but it can depend on your availability, location and the requirements. Most face to face appointments are booked within 5 – 10 days.

What is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a psychological therapy, a talking therapy. It is based on the idea that Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviours and Physical Symptoms all interact with each other. An individual’s Emotional Wellbeing starts to deteriorate when these 4 areas interact in unhelpful ways. CBT acts to correct these unhelpful interactions via you and your therapist collaborating together to design more helpful interactions. In this way you will learn to become your own therapist. You will be proactively able to prevent worsening of Emotional Wellbeing in the future. There is a large, and increasing, evidence base that confirms CBT is effective in treating a wide range of distress including anxiety and depression.

What is counselling and how is different to CBT?

In contrast to CBT, counselling does not offer advice or specific help in overcoming symptoms, but supports by talking through problems allowing you to come to your own conclusion on how best to deal with issues.

How long will CBT treatment take?

CBT is designed as short-term therapy to empower in the long term. Typically you will attend 6 – 12 sessions over around 3 months.

I would like to try CBT but I am not a member of the Nuffield Health Employee Healthcare Scheme and can’t afford £80 a session, what would you suggest I do?

We appreciate £80 can seem expensive but our therapists are highly qualified and experienced and CBT is generally a short term form of therapy. We can also assure you that Nuffield Health are not making any profit on these fees and all therapy is delivered at cost price.

We would also always recommend having a free triage assessment with one of our therapists as there may be a number of therapy options available to you depending on the recommendations following this assessment. If you are recommended face to face CBT, with your consent we can send a copy of your assessment to your GP to encourage a referral for CBT via the NHS. If counselling is beneficial we might suggest going via the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) or alternatively, if your symptoms and difficulties are mild, we have a guided online CBT programme which still allows weekly contact with a therapist by phone and they will guide you through the online programme which will be tailored to your needs.

Are all the therapists highly qualified?

Yes, we have a very strict recruitment process to ensure that all therapists are sufficiently vetted before joining our network; this includes relevant qualifications for the treatment being provided, appropriate accreditations (usually with either BABCP, BPS or BACP). We also gain a copy of the therapist’s DBS check, insurances and all certificates.