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About your GP appointment

All appointments default to telephone in the first instance. With new ways of working, a lot can be achieved with a virtual appointment but if you and your GP agree that a face to face meeting is required then this will be arranged through the hospital and a date communicated to you.

Our appointments are hosted through Microsoft Teams. This a safe and secure platform to confidentially discuss medical concerns with a GP. MS Teams does not require any specific downloads or technology, but to improve performance it is beneficial to download the MS Teams app to your device. You will need a device with a reasonable internet connection and a quiet space in which to make the call.

One of our booking agents will email you a link to your Microsoft Teams appointment. All you will need to do is click on the link at the time of your appointment and one of our GPs will be there to virtually meet you. Please ensure that your camera is turned off to start the appointment, if both you and the GP agree that a video call is beneficial then you can agree to turn on your videos during the call. For this element you will need a device that has a camera facility enabled.

Your GP will give you the opportunity to explain the reason for your appointment, discuss relevant medical history, give you advice and decide upon the appropriate next stages of your treatment. It may be that further investigations, prescriptions or an onward referral are required, in which case your GP will make the necessary arrangements and you will be contacted accordingly.

If a face-to-face appointment is deemed to be required, this will be arranged and communicated to you through the hospital bookings team.

How much does an appointment cost?

20-minute telephone appointment: £80
This includes a referral to secondary care. Any further diagnostic procedures ordered will be invoiced separately by the hospital.

15-minute follow up appointment: £65
This includes a referral to secondary care. Any further diagnostic procedures ordered will be invoiced separately by the hospital.

Are there any additional costs?

For any further tests or treatments for example, bloods, X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, ECG testing, then there will be a hospital fee invoiced to you. Please always check with a member of staff prior to any test/procedures undertaken to ensure you are aware of any potential fees.

If your GP refers you on to a Consultant specialist, their appointment fees will be charged to you independently.

How do I book an appointment?

You can call our booking team on the number above or email them at

How do I book any further tests that I need?

Your GP will order any further testing through our electronic system and will explain the process for you. In most cases the hospital will contact you with an appointment date, usually within a few days of your GP appointment. All results will go back to your GP to discuss with you, with the option of them being shared with your NHS GP if you wish.

How do I collect my prescription?

We have a licensed pharmacy onsite for most common drug prescriptions. Your GP will discuss with you, either you can collect your prescription from Nuffield Health York Hospital between the hours of 09:00-16:30 Monday - Friday, or your GP can post a prescription to you that you can collect at a local pharmacy to you. In either case you will need to pay for your prescription on collection.

Meet our GP

Dr Parv Pye


Specialty General Practice

Does seeing a private GP affect my NHS surgery registration?

No, we encourage you to remain registered with NHS GP services. Your private appointment is confidential between you and your GP, but information can be shared with your NHS GP if you wish.

How do I pay for my appointment?

Our GPs are self-employed and will send you an invoice for your appointment separately from the hospital.

Can I pay for my GP appointment through my health insurance?

All health insurance policies vary. Please check with your Insurance provider to see if you are covered. In order to make a booking, you will need an authorisation code from your insurance company.