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Nuffield Health York Hospital opened in 2004 to replace the Purey Cust Nuffield Hospital in response to increasing demand from the local region for high class medical facilities.

The facilities at our hospital have been designed to meet patient requirements, and all of our rooms have en-suite facilities to make your stay comfortable.

All of our staff are highly trained in providing care on an individual basis, with an overall aim of creating a caring environment to encourage a speedy recovery and well-being.

The hospital opened in December 2004 on the site of the former Joseph Rowntree and latterly Nestlé Dining Block which was where during most of the 20th century staff at the Nestlé factory across the road ate their meals, socialised, danced, exercised and in some cases were educated.

It was set up by Joseph Rowntree in the early 1900s to ensure a fit, healthy and educated workforce for his chocolate factory.