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Whether you are an in-patient receiving post-operative treatment or you are an out-patient, we can offer personalised exercise and rehabilitation programmes within the hospitals rehabilitation gym.

We can also offer sports injury management, kinetic control and core stability training and acupuncture.

We also offer specialised classes and programmes which can include health assessments; fitness testing; back care; buoyancy training; gait and biomechanical analysis; ergonomic and work place assessments.

Our treatments and rehabilitation programmes can target many conditions including: 

  • Spinal problems: slipped disc, back pain, sciatica, fibrositis, whiplash, trapped nerves
  • Sports injuries 
  • Joint problems: arthritis, traumatic injury, frozen shoulder
  • Soft tissue injuries: muscle, ligaments, tendons, bruising
  • Neurological conditions: strokes, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's
  • Extended rehabilitation programmes, ultrasound

As part of your rehabilitation plan you may be advised to have sessions in our hydrotherapy pool. As well as our hydrotherapy pool, we have a specialist sports medicine gym, a rehabilitation gym, hand therapy rooms, health screening and podiatry services.