The Holly Endoscopy Unit is going GREEN!

We have been continuously working towards providing our patients a greener and more sustainable Endoscopy experience.

Things that we have been doing:

  • We ensure clinical appropriateness of Endoscopy procedures by adhering to professional guidelines and considering alternative technologies and tests (which produce less environmental impact) to minimise the procedures being carried out.
  • We minimize taking of unnecessary biopsies to minimise the use of histopathology.
  • We book Upper and Lower Endoscopy procedures on the same day.
  • We provide digital patient information and communications to support a sustainable endoscopy unit; however, paper copies are available for patients/service users who require them.
  • We educate all Endoscopy staff regarding waste management.
  • We reduce PPE use where possible. Nuffield Health is currently looking into the availability of more sustainable options such as reusable PPE.
  • We minimise the unnecessary opening of consumables, endoscopic accessories, conserve water as much as possible, and limit unnecessary printing of papers.
  • We enable flexible working patterns and remote working of our staff such as for pre-assessment to reduce carbon footprint.
  • We discourage the use of Entonox due to its environmental impact.
  • We’ll have a new Endoscopy reporting tool which can send Endoscopy reports by email to your GP.
  • Nuffield Health is looking into service providers that can further improve our waste segregation.
  • Our decontamination area is to be redeveloped with sustainability considered as a criterion for the procurement of hardware and consumables.
  • Nuffield Health doesn’t support the use of single-use Endoscopes due to the limited studies of its environmental impact available.

Our Colon Capsule Endoscopy Service is coming soon….