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What should I bring in with me?
If you are coming to The Holly Hospital as a day case patient you might want to bring comfortable clothing and some personal toiletries. If you are going to be staying with us overnight or for a longer period then you should also bring nightwear.

Please bring all your current medications (including homeopathic and herbal medicines) with you with the original packaging and labels. Please also bring sufficient medication to last you throughout your anticipated stay.

You might also like to bring something to keep you entertained such as magazines, books, a tablet, laptop or knitting.

What should I do if I can’t make my appointment?
If you think you are going to miss your appointment please call our Reservations Team as soon as possible on 020 8936 1200.

Can my family or visitors get anything to eat at the hospital?
Family and friends can order food from our kitchen but there will be a charge. Alternatively there are several shops/cafes/restaurants on Queen’s Road, within a few minutes’ walk of the hospital.

Can I access WiFi at the hospital?
Yes, WiFi is available free of charge in all areas of the hospital. You just need to enable WiFi and click on "HH guest".

Can I park my car at the hospital?
We operate a Pay and Display car park grounds for patients and visitors. However, if possible, please arrange for friends or family to bring you to the hospital as generally you will be advised not to drive for a period of time after surgery.

What time is my operation?
The time of your operation depends on a number of factors, such as how many patients your consultant has to see, and therefore we are unable to give you an exact time for surgery. Whilst the time given in your admission letter is the time you need to arrive at the hospital and not the time of your surgery, it is important that you arrive on time as your consultant and anaesthetist will want to visit you and our nurses will need to prepare you in readiness for surgery.

Can I eat and drink before my operation?
You may need to refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to your operation, but this will be detailed in your admission letter along with any other instructions such as needing x-rays or blood tests before coming into hospital.

Do I have to remove my jewellery and piercings?
Yes, all body piercings and other jewellery should be removed before you arrive at the hospital. Plain wedding bands may be worn but will need to be covered with tape during surgery. Before your operation, you will also need to remove any nail varnish, nail extensions and cosmetics.

Do you cater for vegetarians?
We cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarian and kosher choices and special diets such as gluten-free.

Can I smoke in the hospital?
Patients and visitors are not permitted to smoke anywhere within the hospital building or grounds.

Can I use my mobile phone in the hospital?
Yes, as long as it does not disturb your treatment or that of other patients.

When can I go home?
This is dependent on your recovery but your consultant or nurse will advise you how long you will need to stay in hospital for.

Can you send my hospital invoice to my medical insurer?
Yes we can as long as we have your Policy or Membership Number and also your Authorisation Number. Please note that if you have seen a consultant, he will send you an invoice, which is separate and in addition to the hospital’s and you should forward this to your insurer.

What charges can I expect if I am a self-paying patient?
If you require any outpatient procedures or treatment, you may be charged separately by both your consultant and the hospital for the same procedure, as follows:

  • Consultation fee – direct from your consultant
  • Tests and examinations – from the hospital and consultant
  • Minor surgical procedures – from the hospital and consultant
  • Blood tests and/or histo-pathology – from the hospital
  • Diagnostic tests (eg x-rays, ultrasound scans) – from the hospital
  • Physiotherapy treatment (including crutches) – from the hospital
  • Prescriptions for drugs and any take-home medication – from the hospital.

If you have any queries about the cost of any treatments or tests that your consultant has requested, please speak to a member of staff before going ahead with the treatment.

Hospital invoices are due for payment immediately upon departure from the hospital. Consultant invoices will be sent to you separately from the consultant’s office.

Why do I have to bring a credit or debit card to the hospital for it to be swiped?
We will take a swipe of your debit or credit card when or before you arrive for your appointment or admission. We will record and securely store your card details and, in the event that you incur additional charges that are not covered by your insurance, employer or self-pay package, we may use these details to take payment. We accept all major credit cards.

The way in which we store your card details complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which was developed by Visa, MasterCard and other credit card providers, protecting cardholder data from fraud. We will not use your stored card details if you do not incur any additional costs. If you do not have a debit or credit card, it's acceptable for a friend or a family member to store their card details on your behalf. We will not ask you for your card details every time you attend unless the stored card has either expired or if we stored your details more than 6 months ago.

If you are insured we will still ask for your card details as we may need them to pay for items not covered by your insurer. This may include items such as take-home drugs, telephone calls, visitor meals, crutches and insurance excesses or shortfalls.

Similarly, if you are a self-pay patient and have paid up-front for a self-pay package we will still ask for your card details. This is because you may still incur additional charges not included in your package price. These may include items such as take-home drugs, visitor meals or further tests.

We will give you a detailed statement showing any outstanding charges before we take payment. You will have a minimum of 10 days to query your bill and/or make payment. We may then use your stored card details to take the payment but we will send you confirmation in the post.

How can I pay my invoice?
Payment can be made by cheque (made payable to The Holly Hospital), or by any major debit and credit card (except American Express), by telephone or in person. You can also pay by bank transfer to our account with the Bank of Scotland: Sort Code 12-01-03, Account Number 10131267, ensuring you quote your name and hospital account or invoice number as the reference. We no longer accept cash payments

If I have a procedure will I be issued with a hospital and consultant invoice?
Yes you will. The consultant charges for his consultation and also charges if any procedure has been performed. The hospital then charges for use of its equipment and any hospital services.